NRPEMS Affiliates

Alicia Bradford

NRPEMS President

Detroit Department of Parks & Recreation

NRPEMS is an organization of minority members of the National Recreation and Park Association who have joined for the express purpose of: productively representing the park, recreation and related leisure service interest and rights of minorities while participating in the overall effort of the park and recreation profession and the National Recreation and Park Association to serve the park, recreation and related leisure service needs and desires of the public. 

NRPEMS Objectives

  • To unite all persons concerned with ethnic minorities in the Park and Recreation profession. This includes those in municipal, state, federal, private, voluntary, correctional facilities, church and religious institutions, academic communities, commercial, tourism, industrial organizations and interested individuals.

  • To serve as an exchange media of information on all ethnic matters pertaining to park, recreation, leisure programs and activities.      

  •  To maintain high standards of professional ethics and ensure an accurate reflection of the history and culture of ethnic minority people in our profession and organization.

  • To function in a manner that will expand “NRPEMS” influence within local, state and national organizations.

Meet the President

Alicia C. Bradford is Director of the City of Detroit Parks & Recreation Department and has faithfully served the City for twenty-five years. Ms. Bradford began her career with the City in 1989 and held various titles in Recreation as well as in the Department of Public Works.  In 1996, she became a Human Resource Officer.  There, Ms. Bradford tirelessly worked her way through the ranks, garnering promotion to Human Resources Manager I, within her first four-year tenure. After having made her mark in Human Resources and leaving a legacy of impeccable integrity, in 2001 Ms. Bradford joined the Detroit Recreation Department as Manager of Belle Isle Park..........

Who Are We?


National Recreation & Park Ethnic Minority Society

     NRPEMS is a proud affiliate of the National Recreation & Park Association.